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Mathew is an old fashion marine mechanic that just does not change parts.  He is certified mechanic that will inspect, diagnose, adjust as required and replaces parts to eliminate problem with your vessal.
If you have warrenty issues with your boat ma nufacturer, we recommend contacting them.  If your problem in not coverd by warranty, we encourage you to contact BDO. 

    Tip of the day: if a deal seems to be too good to be true, it probably is -- A few extra dollars is a small amount to pay for marine technicians and marine mechanics with ,20 years of experience and education in multiple motor types. Advice of the day: Always ask for your used parts back on repairs and make sure the folks you work with guarantee their work.

    EXPERTS in ELECTRICAL TROUBLESHOOTING, MECHANICAL REPAIRS AND ELECTRONIC INSTALLATION * Water Pumps * Tilt and Trim * Gear Case * Generators * Steering * Control Cables * Rebuilds

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Please call (407) 359-4900 to schedule your next service or to ask a question.

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